Simple Swaps To Better Health

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I'm a paper kind of girl. Give me a recipe online or a cookbook, I'll choose the book I can hold in my hand. I do like to to look up new recipes online, but I often find myself printing them and making a collection of all my favorite go-tos. So, simply put, I make my own custom recipe book.  

I have a binder that has held so many different recipes. It includes recipes my family loves and favorites of mine. It tells a story. 

From time to time I clean it out and update it.  Write a new chapter, edit the old chapters. 

I did that this weekend. As I was adding and taking away from it I was struck by how my food choices have changed over the years. I’ve learned a lot about what to eat, what to avoid and why. 

I didn't learn it all right away. It's taken me ten years. Lots of books have been read. Podcasts played. Conversations had. And yes, mistakes made. I've learned by trial and error what serves my body best. Some of it I couldn't know until I uncovered the root of all my symptoms. And some of it I was just too stubborn to believe. 

Simple Swaps To better health 

I like to think I’m redeeming my health struggles by sharing with you what I’ve learned along the way to my healing. 

Cause that’s where I’m at. I’m healing. No longer just surviving. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s not just one thing I’ve done. It’s many. 

Check out this free 3 months of Simple Swaps plan I’ve put together. Just as I have compiled recipes, I’ve also compiled the things I learned and done over the years to take control of my health. And...It's not all about food. It's also about reducing the environemntal toxins around you too. There are a lot of small things you can do one by one to support your body optimally. 

Whether or not you’re healthy or sick, they are tried and true swaps that can make a difference in everyone's life. I'm excited for you read this!

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