Essential Oils Are Not Expensive

Essential Oils Are Not Expensive

“Oils are too expensive.” (MYTH!)


How many times have you heard someone say this?


Let’s be real for a minute . . . Rose essential oil COULD be considered expensive at almost $2 a drop . . . BUT . . . if you were just using one drop a day, and it was working with your body to regulate and balance hormone production, promote healthy skin, aid in the body’s natural detoxification processes, spice things up in the bedroom, boost feelings of confidence and self-esteem, along with countless other benefits that I can’t specifically mention (but you can research for yourself), would you still consider it to be too expensive?


Incorporating essential oils and oil-infused products into your daily routine is all about making better choices. We will spend our money on the things that we feel are valuable, regardless of cost. How much value do you put on feeling and looking amazing?


I challenge you to take a good, hard look at what you may be spending $2 on every day.  Every choice you make when it comes to your wellness is either fighting disease or contributing to it.


That being said, you can start to support your wellness and fight disease for way less than $2 a day! What if I told you it could be done for just pennies?


Young Living has over 50 oils that cost $20 or less per bottle. And, most everything is concentrated and easily diluted, extending it’s life even longer!


I’m going to give you an example of the cost effectiveness. 


Let’s take a closer look at CEDARWOOD essential oil and learn how we can put it to good use.  I keep this oil by my bedside and often combine it with lavender and peace calming for a restful night's sleep. It was also my go-to oil that unfortunate, horrible time my dog’s got fleas! That is NOT a fun memory, but I was glad I had a non-toxic option!


Here's the breakdown of cost: 

Cedarwood 15 ml bottle - $12.00 = $.05 per drop

(There are approximately 300 drops in one 15 ml bottle of oil and 100 in a 5 ml bottle.)


Cedarwood is a natural deodorizer. You can use it  to freshen the air in your home while creating a calmer and more relaxing environment.  It also stimulates the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, and I think you can guess what this is good for. SLEEP!

     Diffuse 4-6 drops at night or add one drop to the bottom of each foot for a more restful night’s sleep.

     Add 20 drops to your shampoo/conditioner bottles for healthier, shinier hair.

     Add 20 drops to a 2 oz spray bottle of water and spray on clothes and skin to keep your outdoor time annoyance-free. Mix with Lemongrass, Clove, and/or Citronella (which is also just $20!) for added benefit.

Cedarwood is also good for focus, soothing, flushing and skin smoothing.

Look at all those uses for just one bottle! If you put 6 drops in your diffuser every night and did the other two suggestions, your twelve dollar bottle of cedarwood would last for at least a month or more! Longer if you used less and switched it up with other oils. How often do you think twice about spending that much on products from the store? 


Essential oils are so versatile and serve many different purposes, allowing you to replace many of the harmful products in your home with much safer alternatives.  Because Young Living oils are pure and potent, you will find that one drop goes a long way, meaning in some cases, you are saving lots of pennies in the process!


So you see, it’s all in your perspective and understanding just what one drop of an essential can do. Oils are not expensive. They are an investment of your pennies that have the potential to yield great results. 


If you’d like to learn more about using oils on a budget, click the link below. I’ll send you a few short emails or texts with tips and tricks to making oils affordable.

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