Hope- The First Part


I can’t live without it, but yet when it disappoints, which it often does, it leaves me grieving. 

Right now, I’m clinging to it. I saw a glimpse of what could be. Past realities tell me it won’t happen. Present realities make me doubt as well. 

But, here’s the thing.

Lazarus was in the grave four days before Jesus came. Hope of his healing was buried with him. His family grieved. Jesus wept.

Jesus also died and was buried. He was in the grave for two days. Where was hope then?


Hope- The Story Continues

Hope has been at the forefront of my mind lately. I’ve been hopeful for specific things to come. I thought I caught a glimpse of something that got me excited. And, maybe I did, but that hope is being challenged and I’m now filled with overwhelming doubt.