Does a cloud of heaviness weigh you down? That's where I was in 2014. Sadness for unexplained reasons followed me around and I was desperate for a change. Are you? If so, read on. 

My change came through a starter bundle of essential oils. Specifically, an oil blend called Joy.  Not understanding why, but willing to follow the suggestions I had been given, I began applying it over my heart daily.  Slowly I became aware that something had changed. The heaviness of sadness that weighed me down had lifted. It's then that I became a believer in the power of aromatherapy and it's ability to impact my emotional and mental health. 

And it didn't stop there. The amount of colds that passed through my home was radically reduced as welI. Since then, things like Thieves, Lavender, and Frankincense have become staples in my home for everything. 

If you too are looking for a change, if you're lacking in joy and discouragement is your constant companion, may I suggest you try essential oils?  The blend JOY may not be your HERO oil, as it was mine, but it might be. You won't know unless you try.  There are many oils that can support your emotions and help you find the joy that's been out of your reach. 


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Sharing stories of faith, life and healthy living, one drop at a time. 


I know when choosing products to use in our homes, it seems easiest to just grab whatever items are available at the local stores. However, those products may not be the safest. Sadly many of them - even the “green” ones - contain ingredients you do NOT want in your house or anywhere near your family! Many common household cleaning products can lead to health problems like eye and throat irritation, headaches, respiratory issues, allergic reactions, worsened asthma, and possibly even cancer.
I know it feels like you should be able to trust the products you find at the store, but unfortuntely, you can't. 


Mold. Do you know it? Is it something you've ever given much thought to? Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it out of my mind, or my home right now. It's my reality. 
You see, for the last 10 years, I’ve struggled with depression, weight gain, fatigue, unbalanced hormones and skin issues. I was also diagnosed with auto-immune hypothyroidism, otherwise known as Hashimoto's disease. Although I didn't suspect mold right away, I did acknowledge that something wasn’t right. My husband was the one who finally pushed me to get help, and I’m so glad he did.


Having a dog is not all sunshine and roses. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard not to melt when I see this face and I usually forget all wrongs done with one look into his eyes, but there are messy parts of pet ownership I could do without. 

You know, like the barking, shedding and daily poop pick-up. Can I get an AMEN?Here's an example. The other day my daughter noticed a foul smell out on our front porch. It's a favorite spot for Mercy (our lovely lab), and sometimes Scout (our beagle boy). They love to sit on the window seat to look out into the front yard or wait for someone to come home.

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Seven Reasons to ditch candles

The aromas you have in your home, whether they are from candles, plug-ins or sprays, 
do make a difference in your health and the health of your family-pets included!
Most are synthetic and artificial and cause havoc on your endocrine system, leaving 
you with unwanted symptoms. A simple ditch and switch may be all you need.
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Oils on a budget

Concerned about the cost of essential oils? I hear ya. But, what if
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