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Why your choices Matter

Could plug-ins be making you sick? What about your shampoo. Believe it or not, the answer is yes! Twenty six seconds after exposure, chemicals are found in measurable amounts in the human body. The average woman applies 300 chemicals to her body a day (80 before breakfast).

The top ten most dangerous chemicals in our homes include  air fresheners (plug-ins or candles), cleaning supplies for your counters, floors, toilets, drains, oven, furniture, dishes, etc…) It also includes gel, shampoo and deodorant, fabric softener and laundry soap. Deodorant with aluminum is one of the leading  causes of Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease in the United States. One of the top pollutants in the home is that which we use to wash and dry our clothes. The chemicals in laundry soap and dryer sheets sit on our skin and out gas in our closets. 

What happens when your body is chemically overloaded? It may show up as disease, or quite often in other ways as well. Lethargy, inability to focus, sleep trouble, chronic inflammation, unexplained pain, skin issues, unbalanced hormones, hot flashes, stress, anxiety. 

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I know when choosing products to use in our homes, it seems easiest to just grab whatever items are available at the local stores. However, those products may not be the safest. Sadly many of them - even the “green” ones - contain ingredients you do NOT want in your house or anywhere near your family! Many common household cleaning products can lead to health problems like eye and throat irritation, headaches, respiratory issues, allergic reactions, worsened asthma, and possibly even cancer.
I know it feels like you should be able to trust the products you find at the store, but unfortuntely, you can't. 


Did you know, what makes you feel icky when you’re sick is actually your immune system doing its job and eliminating bugs & toxins from your body? It's not actually the germs themselves that make you feel sick.

We get a fever to help us sweat things out through our skin, and our noses run to remove toxins through mucous membranes. This is our body's natural detox method. When you take OTC meds from the pharmacy they make you feel better because they suppress your immune system’s ability to detox...thus your symptoms feel reduced. Essential oils and other natural remedies, such as good food, don't work that way; they help our bodies fight rather than shut down our immune response. 


Having a dog is not all sunshine and roses. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard not to melt when I see this face and I usually forget all wrongs done with one look into his eyes, but there are messy parts of pet ownership I could do without. 

You know, like the barking, shedding and daily poop pick-up. Can I get an AMEN?Here's an example. The other day my daughter noticed a foul smell out on our front porch. It's a favorite spot for Mercy (our lovely lab), and sometimes Scout (our beagle boy). They love to sit on the window seat to look out into the front yard or wait for someone to come home.

Concerned about the cost of essential oils? I hear ya. But, what if I were tell you Young Living makes them affordable? What if you knew of ways to stretch your products and get the most out of them? Would that make a difference? Health is an investment, but it's not as expensive as you think. Click below to receive information on how to use essential oils on a budget.


Hi, my name is Jen
Welcome to my little corner of the world.  I'm a midlife mom who has a heart for home, health and hospitality. It's my hope that in showing up here, I'm able to give you the tools to be a faithful steward of the home, the body, and the life you've been given. I have embraced the toxin free lifestyle and I want to share it with you. It's time to live your best life! I'm ready to help you ditch the toxins that are stealing your health and happiness.

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