Estrogen Reset

Estrogen Reset

I know. I know. Not the most appetizing looking smoothie. You may even think, “gross” and   keep scrolling by.

But for those sticking around to read more, here’s a question for you?

When did we start to snub our noses at green things? 

I know the answer, so it’s really a rhetorical question. My point in sharing this, is to start shedding a more favorable light on the foods that nourish us best and bring healing to our bodies. 

They are called super foods for a reason and I’ve got a few in my smoothie.

Chia and flax seed, turmeric, greens like chlorella and spirulina, and foods rich in antioxidants, just to name a few. 

I recently found out I have high levels of estrogen stored in my body and eating a diet rich in fiber helps to flush (i.e. poop) out the excess. Too much estrogen can wreak havoc on one’s body and I am tired of being tired. I am weary of the mood swings. I am ready to shed the extra pounds that keep piling on. (*See note below)

So, since I want my body to function optimally, I plan to listen to my doctor and increase my fiber intake by eating more fruits and vegetables each day. In fact, I’m taking it a step further and cutting out meat for the next month -not indefinitely-it’s just a reset . Conventionally raised beef is loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones that stay with the animal and get passed on to the consumer. By eating grain-fed, non-organic meat, I am loading my body with even more estrogen. 

I’ve known for years that organic meat is best. That, if I can’t afford all organic, beginning with animal products, is the place to start. 

Did I do that? No. Partially because it was inconvenient. I live in a small town and sourcing grass-fed organic beef and pastured raised poultry is not exactly easy to do. The other factor is cost. It’s pricey for a family that lives on one income. (I have a plan to make that two incomes- if you're looking to do the same, there's room for you to join me- so eventually, cost won't be an issue.) Maybe I saved a few dollars, but my health obviously suffered. 

All this to say, I’m ready to make a shift. We all have to get to the place when we are fed up and the sacrifice is worth it. I’m there. I’m going to choose to be grateful for the healing power of food.  I now have more insight into what’s happening in my body and I have some “tricks” up my sleeve to bring balance back. If I can lower my levels of estrogen and increase my progesterone and DHEA (other hormones out of whack in my body-I’m truly a mess), then I have hope of the next ten years being better than the last!

So, if you need me, I’ll be over here  packing my smoothies with lots of fiber, protein and good fats, ready to offer you encouragement on taking back your health.

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If you can't afford the cost of eating oraganic superfoods, I get it. Its my big why. The reason I'm working so hard to build a lifestyle of sharing the wellness tools I've discovered. If you want to see what's possible, check out the income disclosure statement below. The sky's the limit when you seek to listen and help people in their wellness journey- all in a way that you design.

Reach out!
Talk soon,

(*My wanting to lose weight is less about appearance and more about health. I am striving to feel good inside and out. I am not comparing myself to anyone else or trying to suggest my goals should be someone else's. We all have unique bodies. We are God’s craftsmanship, after all. Not one of us is exactly the same and our ideal healthy weight is just as unique).

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