What's In Your Cleaning Products: Part 2

What's In Your Cleaning Products: Part 2

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Oh how I'm ready! I love being able to open windows and let the outisde in, 

take longer walks with my dogs, and just soak in the warmth and sunshine! 

With the warmer days also comes thoughts of sping cleaning. Its with that in mind I bring you part two of "What's 

In Your Cleaning Products."  If you missed part one, read about it below where it says Part 1.   

When you're done, come back and learn how to continue transforming your cleaning routine and feel good 

about it!                         

Thieves In the kitchen

Let's start in the kitchen. What do you use to wash your dishes? You may be thinking, “Why do I need to worry 

about the soap I use to wash my dishes?”  Well, you aren't eating the plate for lunch, but you do put food ON 

your plate. The food picks up the detergent residue from the plate and then you ingest the food. That means 

that you ARE ingesting the soap or detergent. You also inhale the chemicals as the dishwasher releases them 

during washing.    Ahhh!!! But don’t worry… I have some solutions!  


Thieves Automatic Dishwasher Powder combines the power of natural enzymes, essential oils, citric acid, 
and saponins derived from soapberries for a superior cleaning system without the use of harsh chemicals. It’s 
also infused with essential oils for extra effectiveness and a great, fresh scent. It removes dried-on food, grease, 
oil, and other contaminants so you can enjoy sparkling clean dishes without compromising your health. 
Depending on the type of water you have, you may have to play around with this one. Those with hard water may 
need to add a little LemiShine (a non-toxic citric acid additive that can be purchased online or at the grocery 
store). Some people have success adding a little distilled white vinegar to the load or even Thieves Household 
Cleaner. Some add nothing. You will just have to play around and see what works for you. ;)  

Thieves Dish SoapEasily swap out your not-so-safe dish soap with Thieves Dish Soap. This plant-based 

solution is infused with Jade Lemon and Bergamot essential oils, and of course, the Thieves blend. It contains no 

sulfates, dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates, or synthetic perfumes and uses natural grease-cutting agents, 

leaving dishes sparkling clean with no residue. Your hands will also thank you for using such a gentle formula. 

You may notice that this soap isn’t quite as sudsy as traditional dish soaps. That’s because they don’t add the 

harmful chemical that creates the bubbles. So… I have an easy hack for you that not only creates more bubbles, 

but will also TRIPLE your bottle of soap! #WinWin
                                  1. First, remove 2/3 of the soap from the bottle and store for later. 
                                  2. Add 1 tsp baking soda to the remaining soap. 
                                 3. Fill with distilled or filtered water and shake until  all mixed together. Use as directed.                             

there's more for your kitchen

Before we move on, let’s talk about two more Thieves products you can use in your kitchen -
 Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak and Thieves Fruit and Veggie Spray . They both have the same base 
formula and come packed with essential oils that get the job done. The soak comes in a small jug; you simply 
add a little to a basin of water, soak, rinse, and enjoy eating your fruits and vegetables as nature intended. The 
spray can be used to give your produce a quick spritz before rinsing and enjoying! It’s great for on-the-go uses 
or to bring along for camping trips or vacations. 
The Fruit and Veggie Soak is infused with the power of Thieves, DiGize, and Purification essential oil blends. The 
Fruit and Veggie Spray is infused with the power of Thieves essential oil blend and Lime essential oil. Both are 
great for conventional and organically grown produce, safely and effectively cleaning your fruits and veggies 
before consumption. Because believe me - once you see what comes off, you will be glad you decided to wash 

Thieves in the Laundry Room 
Next, let's travel to your laundry room. One would think it’s safe to just use whatever laundry soap or detergent 
you want based on the smell and washing ability, right? Sadly - that’s not the case. 
 Unfortunately the majority of the laundry soaps and detergents available to us are riddled with dangerous 
chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane; fragrance; SLS; and more. We breathe in those chemicals as the laundry is being 
washed and dried (hello toxic dryer sheets!) AND we can even be absorbing them as we wear our clothes and 
snuggle into our blankets and towels. Ahhh! Why risk things like skin, nose, throat, and lung irritation or long-
term effects to our organs and hormones? Some of these dangerous chemicals have even been linked to 
cancer yet they’re still readily available to us and marketed as “safe” and “normal.”
 Thankfully, Young Living wants nothing to do with those chemicals and has given you a legitimately SAFE 
solution with Thieves Laundry Soap. It's made of plant-based ingredients and leaves no chemical or 
synthetic residue so you can snuggle up with NO worries! It contains natural enzymes and cleaning agents and 
of course, the most powerful essential oils on the planet. Your clothes will be fresh and clean and left with a light 
citrus scent, not a heavy perfume.
The best part about this soap is that it’s concentrated so a little goes a long way! You can get 64 loads with just 
one 32-ounce bottle, making it economic AND a safe alternative for your family. Want to get DOUBLE that? Try 
this hack! 
  • Remove 16 oz. soap from the bottle (half).
  • Add 3 capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner (as a booster; optional).
  • Add 16 oz. distilled or filtered water.
  • Gently shake until completely incorporated.
  • Use as directed on the bottle.
One last trick… instead of grabbing dryer sheets (also filled with dangerous chemicals), purchase some wool 
dryer balls. It's such an easy switch! Add 3-5 drops of your choice of essential oil to each dryer ball and freshen 
up that laundry. Tip: add the oils to the balls at the end of the cycle and let them toss for 5 minutes for best 

THieves in the bathroom

Remember that harsh chemical I mentioned in my first post - triclosan? It is a banned ingredient for antiseptic 
ashes but it can still be found in other products like toothpaste! Why is it not safe to apply to your skin but it’s 
perfectly ok to put in your mouth? That doesn’t make any sense! 
Here's what I suggest. Toss that questionable toothpaste and go for one with all-natural ingredients and 
essential oils - like the Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste or Thieves Whitening Toothpaste You won’t find 
any synthetic ingredients here.
AromaBright gently brushes away plaque and helps support strong and healthy-looking teeth, while its smooth, 
natural formula is gentle on teeth and their delicate enamel. Thieves Whitening Toothpaste uses pure and safe 
ingredients to whiten teeth, fight plaque, support healthy gums, and remove stains without damaging enamel. It 
also foams up quite nicely! They are both fluoride-free and contain no harsh ingredients. 
Oily Hack: Use your AromaBright toothpaste as deodorant! Just a tiny pea-size amount rubbed on your underarms does the trick. It’s not sticky and it smells amazing. Isn't that something? Try it! 
Next up in the bathroom is Thieves Fresh Essence MouthwashYour teeth and gums will benefit from an 
invigorating clean that’s free from harsh alcohol and artificial dyes and flavors. You will get the spicy-sweet flavor 
of Thieves plus a touch of Spearmint and Peppermint, leaving your mouth happy and healthy. I love this stuff, but 
it can be a llittle intense in the flavor department; if you are more sensitive you can easily dilute this mouthwash 
with distilled or filtered water. Better yet, divide and dilute the mouthwash into three containers right from the 
Then there's the Thieves Dental Floss It’s made with strong fibers that resist fraying and glide easily between 
teeth, removing food particles and buildup. There are no synthetic dyes, artificial colors, flavors, or 
preservatives… but what you WILL find is Thieves and Peppermint essential oils. Your bathroom - and your body - 
are going to love all these simple swaps! 
I will add, I have been using all three of these products for years and I always get praised for how well I clean my 
teeth when I visit the dentist! They get the job done!


Thieves soaps

Everyone needs soap. Why not grab one made formulated with only the highest-quality, plant-based 
ingredients and infused with pure essential oils? You can cleanse and purify your skin and not have to worry 
about any harsh ingredients. There are two Thieves options to pick from: Thieves Cleansing Soap (bar) & Thieves 
Foaming Hand Soap. 
  • Provides natural, gentle exfoliation and soothing benefits from oat bran
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed
  • Made with a 100% vegetarian formula and infused with Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, and Rosemary essential oils
  • Gentle enough for all skin types
  • Formulated with aloe vera to moisturize the skin
  • Formulated with non-gluten-containing ingredients
  • Combines Thieves, Lemon, and Orange essential oils with other naturally derived ingredients to clean hands
  • Instant foam makes it easy to lather and rinse
  • Leaves skin soft and clean with a light Thieves scent
  • Delivers a gentle clean for the whole family
  • Comes in a single, 3-pack, and a 32-oz. refill
Both of these soaps are formulated without synthetic dyes or colorants, parabens, petrochemicals, or sulfates. 
You can easily swap out those chemical-laden soaps for these much safer option.

thieves on the go

I'm going to end with a few things that you can take with you when you leave your house. We are a busy culture; 

are we not? We run, run, run, and then we run some more. We are always on the move. Young Living makes it 

easy to take the power of Thieves with you wherever you go with Thieves Sanitizer, Spray, and Wipes! 
Thieves Hand Sanitizer  
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and eliminates common, harmful bacteria
  • Formulated with powerful essential oils and plant-based ingredients
  • Lightly moisturizes with aloe vera and vegetable glycerin
  • Leaves no chemical residue behind
  • Contains no petrochemicals, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, or toxic ingredients
Thieves Spray
  • Contains naturally derived, plant-based ingredients
  • Doesn’t require rinsing after use and has no harsh fumes
  • Easy to throw in a backpack, purse, or luggage with its on-the-go size
  • Cleans many different surfaces, such as counters, sinks, toilets, and door handles
  • Safe to use around the whole family, including children and pets
Thieves Wipes
  • Non-drying, non-greasy, & no rinsing required
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Patented essential oil-liposome complex
  • Contain naturally derived, plant-based ingredients to quickly clean and freshen surfaces
Now you’ve got all you need to combat the crazy while you’re out and about. Keep your bags fully stocked and 
ready to tackle anything that comes lurking your way! #ByeByeYuck

 DIY Recipes Using Thieves
Before I tell you how to get wholesale pricing on the Thieves products, let me show you one more thing - some 
recipes! You are going to want to save these to use once you get your stash. They will come in handy! 

transfrom your home with thieves

Now that you know, you can do better. It's time to make the switch. I've linked all the products for you to look at and then add them to your cart. It's that simple. 
Or, you can follow the easy button and purchase a bundle I put together for you. Use it as a starting point and add or subtract to your cart the items that best fit your needs. Because things like toothpaste and mouthwash will be used daily, you will benefit from SUBSCRIBE TO SAVE. Choose to have your products delivered every one, two, or three months and unlock the free shipping and wholesale pricing! Your order can be changed as often as you like. Plus, the best part of ordering through subscribe to save is that you will receive 10%-25% back every month in points for future shopping  AND...depending how how much you order, you may qualify to receive the promotional FREEBIES!


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