The Next Step- Organic, Pasture Raised and Grass Fed

Today was a productive day, just not in the way I anticipated. After I walked my dogs. I sat down to look at our budget, pay some bills and order a few supplements. The plan was to spend an hour on this and then head upstairs to continue a project I had begun last week- cleaning my closet. 

I'm in the process of deep cleaning my walk-in closet. I’m emptying and washing everything in it. Yes, It's 
a lot of work, but all the same, I’m glad I’m doing it. It was long overdue and it smelled musty. I can’t tolerate musty anymore, but that’s another story for another day.  (Actually, I've written about it already. 
Go here to read about my mold story.)

What I really wanted to tell you was what I did end up doing, not what I didn’t do. 

I ordered a bundle of meat from a company called Seven Sons. It wasn’t part of my plan, but when I saw their website, I liked what I saw. A lot. 

I knew this was a business I wanted to support. It reminded me of Young Living (YL).  A transparent, family owned company with sustainable farming practices. Just like YL, everything is organic. Just like YL, they have an open door policy, inviting their customers to see their farms and farming practices. I’ve always been glad I said yes to trusting my health with YL. It’s been one of the best, most impactful decisions I’ve made and I have a feeling I will also be very pleased with Seven Sons. 

I learned years ago that If  you can’t afford to buy everything organic, do what you can to choose organic meat. Think about it. Whatever the animals eat, you eat. The grains, the glysophate, the chemicals, the high omega 6’s, etc... get passed on to the consumer. Makes sense to me, but for the longest time, I just couldn't stomach the cost. 

Now I have. 

It does help that my kids are gone and I have less mouths to feed. 

It also helps that I’m  tired of being tired and sick. My body is in survival mode fighting a mold illness. I’m not able to control my environment and exposure to mycotoxins as much as I’d like, however, I can control what I eat and if choosing organic, grass fed, grass finished beef and organic pasture- raised chicken reduces the inflammation in my body, I’m all in now. 

Lastly, it helps that I stumbled upon a company that I’m happy to support. A company that promises to be ethical and transparent. One that promises faithful stewardship and seems to operate with integrity. Sure, they aren’t local to me, but they are a “small” Midwest business doing things the right way, offering their customers food that will support optimal wellness. 

In this day and age, it’s hard to know who to trust. Labeling isn’t all that it seems. Words are slapped on food without any real meaning. Greenwashing/marketing schemes are common to make sales without any real care for the well being of the consumer. Just because something makes it onto a store shelf with a the "right" words,  doesn’t guarantee it’s safety or value. 

That’s why it’s important to know where the products you buy come from. Do your research. Read labels. Choose carefully. 

I trust Young Living for my health. For my body and my home. For cleaning, supplements and more. I encourage you to too. Go Here to learn about their Seed To Seal Promise. 

I’m also choosing to put my trust in Seven Sons. No more wondering what’s in my hamburger or pork or poultry. My first order comes soon. I’m excited! 

Choosing healthy is a journey. Most of the time, changes come slowly. You don’t have to do it all at once. It’s too overwhelming and you’re more likely to succeed if you take it one step at a time. 

My next step was to choose to eat all organic meat at home. 

What’s yours? 

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