Stepping Into Healthier You

Stepping Into Healthier You

Time for a reset

Are you ready for a change in your health, but don’t know where to start? Are you like me, do you need a little nudge of encouragement in the right direction?  

Well, I’ve got a “road map” that is becoming very popular. It’s a 14-day Reset that is reaping significant results and I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about it. It's full of accountability and encouragement and a well laid out plan for success. It’s nothing crazy hard. I promise. The plan involves four key areas to focus on that will help you create a happy, healthy body. A plan that lessens inflammation and toxic burden. People are experiencing a better body image, weight loss, lower stress levels, decrease in pain, more sustainable energy, improved mood, balanced blood sugar and so much more! (Be sure to look at the sneak peek at the end of the post for testimonies.)

I joined the 14-day Reset without knowing if I would see any major results. Most of what is involved isn’t new to me. But, I said yes because I was looking for a compass to get back on track. After a major life change, I slowly fell back on some old habits and, if I wasn’t careful, I knew I would undue all the healing progress I had made. I wanted to shift out of neutral and start driving forward again. 

The more I looked into it, the more I realized it aligned perfectly with my life.

Three Reasons i love this resest

There are three things I love about this 14-day Reset. 

One, it can be repeated over and over. The support group itself is ongoing. Around the middle of each month, it begins again. If you don't meet your goals after two weeks, you have an opportunity to keep going. 

Secondly, I love that it isn’t a diet, but a lifestyle that is customizable to your needs. This is huge! Everything about it allows you grace and meets you where you are. But, make no mistake, do the work, and you will see results. Anytime you do something good for your body, you will benefit. 

Lastly, it's only 14 days! You can do anything for two weeks. This time frame doesn't seem daunting to me. There's an end in sight. However, like I mentioned above, the heart of the Reset is sustainable lifestyle changes. Enter into it with an abundance mindset believing it's not about what you can't have or shouldn't do, but about what you CAN do achieve optimal health goals.

Wait... one more thing. I love that it involves bringing whole food nutrition back into your life. Your body was meant to thrive, but you have to give it the nourishment it craves. This 14 day reset is all about that!

 Tell me more

This graphic lays it out perfectly for you. There are four key areas of the plan, with Ningxia Red being a key player.

The amount of *Ningxia Red is laid out for you, and water is determined by your weight, but how you exercise and what and when you eat is up to you. Once you say yes to the Reset and purchase your Ningixa Red, you are added to a group of thousands taking this same journey.  It’s loaded with videos and posts from knowledgeable people who will walk you through the whys and hows and everything in between. Various work-out and eating plans are suggested and support is offered throughout the 14 days. It’s a community guiding you and cheering you on as you take one step at a time closer to a happy, healthy body. 

(*Ningxia Red is a superfood liquid supplement packed with antioxidants and whole food nutrition. Go HERE to read more about it.  )

Optimal health is within your reach. You just have to believe it and start doing the daily, small things that will add up to big things in the end. I have seen my energy improve, fasting blood sugar drop, and have lost inches all around, all of which are results worth celebrating! I'll be doing another round  next month. Join me! (Click on the link below. It won't commit you. It's simply a place to learn more and get the next step, if you are ready.)


Get started now and you'll get access to:
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Community, support & more!

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