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Looking for better sleep, more energy and improved immune health?

A new study by researchers at The Franklin Health Research Center has found that consuming 2 oz of Young Living Essential Oils NingXia Red daily significantly boosts overall health in areas such as sleep, cognitive wellbeing, physical function, and immune health.  Read more here

Do you know the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder?" That's been my experience with Ningxia Red. I won't get into the why, but after drinking this liquid whole food supplement daily for years, I found myself without it for a month, and oh boy did I miss it! My sleep was off and I felt off. Truly. Sometimes when you start a new healthy habit, you begin to notice the benefits slowly. It's not always an over night transformation. It takes consistency and time. Then, maybe you wake up one morning and realize just how much better you feel. Or, sometimes it takes stopping the healthy habit, intentionally or not, to notice. It's been a little of both for me. I have felt the positive difference Ningxia has made over the years. Better sleep, more energy and a stronger immune system. I've also noticed those things go away without my daily dose. 

It's with that being said, I thought it was time I write about this whole food red drink I have found to be so beneficial to my health. Afterall, when you find something that you love, whatever it may be, it's only natural to tell someone. So, I'm telling you. 

Let me lay the groundwork. Why do you need to supplement your diet?

In order to be truly healthy, it’s not just about what you’re cutting out, it’s also about what you’re putting in. 

Here’s why.

Food is repeatedly grown on the same land, with pesticides and fertilizers. Scientists are creating new varieties of crops to grow faster and resist bugs. But there are negative consequences of this. The food we eat today is not the food of yesteryear.  Plants don’t have the time to absorb the nutrients they need. The soil loses its vitamins, minerals and microbes faster than they can be replaced. You would have to eat eight oranges today to get the same amount of vitamins that your grandparents got from one orange!

The same can be said of meat. When plants contain fewer nutrients, the animals that eat them are also malnourished. You also don’t get what you need from water. It is depleted of minerals because of  plants pulling for more nutrients. Modern production methods  also more efficient, meaning more plants on the same land fighting for the same nurients. Then there are town filtration systems removing important minerals, like magnesium, which happens to be essential for 300 biochemical reactions in the body! Top it off by adding chlorine and fluoride, two ingredients that have a negative impact on your health.

Beyond that, nutrient absorption declines with age. The older you get, the less you absorb. Nutrient deficiencies hurt your performance, cause DNA damage, make you age faster, and cause chronic disease. That is why you need to supplement your diet. And I can’t think of anything yummier to add, then Ningxia! It's SO... GOOD!

So, what is Ningxia Red? 

Ningxia Red is a whole wolfberry puree supplement. If you leave a bottle on the counter for a few minutes, you’ll notice that it divides into two colors. The color on the bottom is the pureed fruit. By using the entire plant and not just the juice, you have a whole food supplement which is much more powerful.

On top of that, it is blended with aronia, blueberry, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juice, natural stevia extract, grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract, and Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine essential oils

Tell me more about the wolfberry

Ningxia wolfberries grow in the Ningxia River Valley in China. There are 80 species of wolfberries and the barbarum, grown in Ningxia,  are shown to have the highest nutrient levels in scientific testing. The Ningxia Region holds the Gold Certificate; China’s equivalent of USDA organic. They are grown without fertilizers, pesticides, sulfur, irradiation, dyes, heavy metals of lead, arson mercury, or cadmium in the soil. The Ningxia region's irrigation water comes from the Yellow River, which is upstream from all the pollutants of the major cities. The Yellow River floods the Ningxia plants with a layer of minerals and silt every year. The farms in Ningxia are in a semi-arid region with plenty of sunlight, and a high temperature difference between night and day. Temperature differences are good for liquids in plants, they keep them moving. (Think maple syrup). The elevation is just right for the plant to be the most productive. Any other place in the world would not have the same ecological condition of the pH of the water, the nutrients in the soil, or the silt from the Yellow River. The conditions have earned Ningxia the distinction of being China’s recognized herbal medicine valley. Actually, the people living in the NIngxia region have exceptional lifespans, likely because they all nibble or consume this wolfberry.

Benefits of Ningxia Red

  1. It provides your body with antioxidants. Antioxidants play a huge role in aging, memory, arthritis, inflammation- and so much more. Oxygen Radical Absorbance (ORAC) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities. The ORAC score for Ningxia is 27,300. Higher than Vitamin E (800-1200). Blueberries, raspberries, pomegranates, etc… combined fall around 3,000.

  1. It’s acid binding and alkaline formingAcid creates disease. It breeds virus, bacteria and fungus. When your pH is neutral, you inhibit things you don't want in your body. The wolfberry can help do that. It goes into the stomach and starts to break down as acid, but the minute it hits the small intestine, it immediately converts back to alkaline. Only one other food does that: the lemon. The wolfberry is chemically structured to convert because of the amino acid trypsin-which is responsible for the conversion of amino acids in protein. 

  2. It's a powerhouse designed to fight free radicals. Free radicals come from the air, electromagnetic fields, and stuff we eat. They are the army on the wrong side of the team. They wreak havoc. But, with Ningxia on your side, you outnumber the army! Your body does a good job taking care of oxidative stress, but one of the reasons we often feel tired and get wrinkles as we age, is because of an excess of free radicals. Everything high in the ORAC scale will flush your system well, and as I mentioned before, Ningxia is about as high as you can go. Your body gets 10,000 attacks per cell per day, so it needs all the help it can get!

  1. It has a balance of vitamins and minerals. Minerals have to be properly balanced. Too much calcium will result in zinc deficiency. Too much zinc can suppress the immunity and lead to anemia. Both the mineral profile and the mineral balance of the Ningxia wolfberry  is without equal in the plant kingdom. With magnesium to calcium ratios 1:1, zinc to copper 2:1, and potassium to magnesium 8:1; its exactly what the body needs in proper proportions. 

  1. It's a macronutrient. Because you're getting whole food nutrition, your body will be able to process and absorb more of what you’re eating. Plus, it’s a liquid, meaning you will absorb it faster.

  1. It's infused with essential oils. Not only do you receive the benefit of these therapeutic oils, the essential oils also act as a delivery system for larger molecules. 

  1. It opens cells and provides enzymes. Often our cell membranes are inflamed, oxidized, toxic or lacking in mitochondrial function to energize the receptors to open and close, leaving us with no energy. The naturally occurring sugar in the Ningxia wolfberry opens the door to our cells so good information can get inside and our cells are able to function better.  It's also loaded with digestive enzymes to break down your food and get the nutrients out of the food you eat. 

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Ningxia Red is a superfood of epic proportions! Like all food, and good supplements, Ningxia doesn’t heal you. What it does do though, is come alongside your body and help right what is wrong. It helps clean cell receptor sites so the body can do what it was created to do. Your body was designed to be able to heal itself. The key is to take care of it and provide it with the proper care. Drinking Ningxia Red is one way you can give your body the tools needed to function optimally.  Read the study here

But remember, it's not the only thing you can be doing. As important as it is to put good nutrition in, you can also take the bad stuff out. Consider reducing your sugar intake too.

Ready to take back your health? Order your new favorite supplement that will support things like sleep, tackle free radical damage, boost immune health and more! Ningxia Red

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