The Oily Pet
Do you have a pet? If so, have you ever thought about using essential oils to support their health? 
Our pets are part of our families and we want to care for them as such. Using the best essential oils available on the market, you can support both your human family as well as your beloved pet family.

I have a beagle and a lab. My family adopted them back in the summer of 2011. We had just lost our 13 year old lab, Mully, the previous December and we were eager to bring new life into our home. At first, I thought it would be a long time before I was ready to adopt another dog. My grief was too great. I loved my dog as family and I missed him so much. It didn't help that we watched him suffer the last few months of his life. Cancer. Such an ugly word. I had been convinced he would live forever. 


Before Mully died, I had begun to research the food he was eating. Something clicked in my brain and I knew I should give more thought to what my dog was eating. I had made an effort to cut down on the processed food my family was consuming with an effort to make homemade, whole food meals and decided it was time to look more closely at the food my dog was eating as well.

My research eventually landed me on the best grain free dry dog food I could find locally.

That's what he was eating when he passed away. And, although I'm sure it helped, It wasn't enough. It was still processed food and his body was still being loaded with toxins from vaccines and topical flea and tick treatments. There was so much I still needed to learn about raising a healthy pet.

Fast forward a 10 years. My knowledge of natural health has increased and I have applied what I now know to my current dogs, Scout (beagle) and Mercy (lab). They eat a raw food diet, receive minimal vaccines and I use my essentials oils to support and protect their immune system and overall health.


I'm not naive to believe they will live "forever."  Quite the opposite, actually.  I'm very much aware that, at ten years of age, I will be saying goodbye to them way before I'm ready. In my opinion, dogs lives are way too short!  But, I do find comfort in knowing that I'm giving them a better chance of living healthier, disease free lives. 


There are multiple ways I use  essential oils and other Young Living products with Scout and Mercy, but before I tell you about them, it's important to keep in mind these three things:

1. Less is more
2. Gradual is better
3. Moderation is wise

Always allow your pet an escape. Never force anything on them. 

With that being said, here are a few ways I boost their immune systems and incorporate the benefit of oils into their lives. 

Like I said earlier, I feed my dogs a raw diet. Thankfully, I don't have to make it myself. I did try that for awhile, but it turns out, that was more work than I wanted to take on. (If you want more information on why raw is the best, stay tuned. I plan to make a post about that later this month. Sign up for updates HERE so you don't miss it!)  

To this food each morning, I give them Ningxia Red liquid whole food supplement and Only Natural Pet's Brewer's Yeast and Garlic tablets. In the afternoon, I often add a squirt of colloidal silver or Lemon essential oilBoth are great immune system support. I have come to learn, the best prevention is working from within. Unwanted creatures are unlikely to be attracted to healthy pets.

Away from food, I make a spray of essential oils and water to keep handy as a summer outdoor spray. I use it on my dogs AND myself! But, if you're like me and have trouble remembering to spray your dog often enough, then check out this recipe below. 

Along with the above, I also have a ultrasonic water Diffuser running in my home everyday. Scout and Mercy are able to benefit from the range of calming, and purifying oils being dispersed into the air. I can rest assure what they are breathing in is helping to reduce their toxic burden and not adding to it. In fact, everything I use in my home, from the Thieves Household Cleaner to what I wash blankets and beds with, is a clean, conscious choice. I am so grateful I found Young Living to help me in the journey to create a healthy home environment for ALL members of my family.

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