I had no plans to pick a word for this new year. 

It’s not something I did until two years ago anyway. 

Maybe my feelings stemmed from the fact that my previous words were ones that I don’t feel finished with. Abundance and transformation are big words. Life-long words. They are also more abstract than concrete. There’s a lot of depth and meaning to unearth here and one year, or two, isn’t magically going to give me all I dream through these two words. 

But then this morning, I woke up with a word. It just came to me and I knew. 

Intention. I am going to live more intentionally. 

I like it and it fits with my goals. The thought of making better choices with my time, my words, my relationships and even the food I eat, had already been floating around in my head, so now I have a word written down to help me focus. To hold me accountable.

It will take more thought, for sure. Old habits will need to be broken. I’ll need to do hard things and continue the process of retraining my patterns of thinking.

But, I’m hopeful. Because you know what? Through being intentional in all areas of my life, I will also be working toward my goal of transformation. 

What I’m beginning to see now is that abundance and transformation were good words to think on and grow into, but they were simply my vision. I wasn’t taking the tangible steps needed to experience the growth I longed for in these areas.

It’s time to change that. It’s time to take my vision, rethink my goals and make intentional choices that lead me closer to accomplishing my dreams. 

How about you? Do you have a word that will lead you into the new year?

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