Look what I found! 

Okay, so maybe I should just tell you. A Thieves cough drop!

I was just saying the other day, I need to restock my arsenal with these amazing drops again. I let my supply run out. Recently,  I said to Dave, “I sure do wish I had a Thieves cough drop right about now.” They hadn’t been much on my mind this past summer, but they sure are now with the weather changing.

More specifically I wanted one because I’ve been battling a little bit of a dry, scratchy throat. and I know from experience, the Thieves Cough Drops (combined with menthol from peppermint essential oil) do the trick to comfort and soothe. Seriously, they are the bomb! They have spoiled me against all other cough and throat drops. 

Thieves Cough Drops are great at suppressing cough and relieving sore throats, and they are simply the most convenient way to get all of the internal, immune-boosting goodness of Thieves essential oil! So many drops are full of dyes, flavors, and sweeteners that are actually suppressing your ability to fight disease. Unlike these other cough meds, Thieves uses pure essential oils instead of sugar or artificial flavoring for a great, refreshing taste.

 And they work great! 

Back to my story. As I was getting dressed today, I pulled out a sweater I hadn’t worn since last year. As my hand went in the pocket, I was pleasantly surprised to find a cough drop hidden there. The first words out of my mouth were “Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!” No kidding. That’s how tickled I was. I popped it in my mouth instantly and enjoyed every refreshing moment it lasted.

The good news is, finding the drop in my pocket prompted me to look elsewhere for other strays. And guess what? I found another in the cabinet where I usually store my stash! I’m so pleased. God truly is in the details. 

Sometimes, when the big prayers take so long to be answered and I tend to lose hope, God shows up in the little things. I mean, finding a cough drop IS a little thing. A minor detail. But hear this. I didn’t even officially pray to find one. I simply had a scratchy throat and wished I had had the forethought to add them to my subscribe and save order last month. That was what I thought was the end of the story. But it wasn’t. God took note of my longing. A day or two later, He surprised me and gave me a Thieves cough drop. That’s how I see it anyway, so that’s how I’m telling it. 

I’d be happy to pass the blessing on to you.  contact meI’ll send you more information on how to get these cough drops into your pockets. You will love them! Or better yet, why wait? Follow the link and let the website direct you: 


It's super simple to order, by the way.  As easy as ordering anything else online. If you’re local to me, don’t have a YL account yet and are hesitant to start one, for whatever reason, I’ll be happy to add a bag on to my next order. Anything to get these gems into your hands...or should I say, your pockets. 

Until next time -jen

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