My AHA Moments

When It all began

I’m feeling sooo… grateful right now! I’m having another “aha” moment! I am overwhelmed with “thank you God '' thoughts and feeling a little giddy. May I share my moment with you?  It’s my way of being a good steward of the stories God gives me.

But, let me backup. Have I ever told you of my FIRST “aha” moment?

About ten years ago, I began battling health issues. I can’t be sure, but I suspect the stress of tearing my ACL and undergoing surgery 4 months later, was what pulled the trigger on my already loaded gun. I haven’t felt the same since. 

Among other things, fatigue and sadness became my companions. If you’ve never dealt with any level of depression, then let me explain it this way: It feels like a constant cloud of heaviness that weighs upon your shoulders. You can’t shake it. You can’t wish it away. It doesn’t make sense. You can list all the things you are grateful for and count your many blessings, but the sadness remains.  Those are the words I used to describe my feelings even before I knew what I was dealing with. 

Enter Young Living 

Then, Young Living entered my life. Without understanding how these oils would change my life, I knew they would. They were the next step in my natural health journey.  For many reasons, I have never regretted the purchase, but finding JOY again is among one of them. In the kit of oils I purchased there was a blend called JOY. Turns out, when applied over my heart daily, it would lift the heaviness that weighed me down! When I began using it topically, I didn't know what the outcome would be . I just remember reading a suggestion to use it this way, so that’s what I did.  Then, once I understood the connection between my happier emotions and what was in the little pink bottle, I was sold. It was a game changer for me.  It was my first “aha” moment- this stuff actually helped me!

Fast forward to today. I still struggle with fatigue and sadness from time to time. The past few weeks have been a little rough. I’m not sure what triggered the downward spiral, probably stress or some detoxing I’m doing, but I sure do know what helped me out of it - again! My oils. I didn’t grab them right away, but once I came to my senses, I reached for Frankincense, Orange and Valor.  Oh my goodness! I put a drop of each in my hand (individually), breathed in the aroma and rubbed the rest all over my body. I’ve done this throughout the day for two days and the change is undeniable.  Seriously, I’m in awe all over again at the power of these plants that have the ability to work with my body to balance my hormones and my emotions!  This ranks as my SECOND, most impactful  “AHA'' moment with using essential oils. The reason I’m smiling today and feeling like I can handle life just a little better now! 

The change is real. If you doubt whether plants can make a difference with your symptoms, I challenge you to at least try. Maybe, just maybe, you will find your “AHA” moment and be able to handle life just a little bit better than before!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better whatever the reason!

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