Falling In Love

When was the moment I fell in love with essential oils? Or, maybe I should say, when did I adopt the essential oil lifestyle, because that is exactly what it is. A lifestyle.

I’m not sure I can pin it to one moment, but rather, like many love stories, it was a love that grew over time. I know that sounds a little corny, but I think the analogy fits. It was, and still is, filled with “aha” and “wow” moments. 

Like, when I successfully used Thieves essential oil to clean the yucky build up due to excessive moisture on my windows? It did what I thought bleach could only do. 

Or, after I had applied Joy essential oil to my heart faithfully for a few months and the heaviness of sadness that was weighing me down lifted. 

And, of course, I can’t neglect to mention the way Thieves Cleaner has won me over.  It has effortlessly cleaned my oven more times than I can count. It’s "magically" made burnt on rice disappear from pots. Tubs and showers have sparkled, stains have lifted and unwanted grime wiped away. It has become my go-to, all-purpose non-toxic cleaner. I am in love with this stuff because it’s not filled with harmful, abrasive chemicals AND it works!

The truth is, while all these stories are true, ultimately, I think the power of these oils lies in the aromatherapy benefits. When you find just the right smell that hits your limbic system and kicks feel good chemicals into action, you keep coming back for more! You fall in love with feeling good. Aromatherapy has the ability to comfort, soothe, uplift and support your body in just the way it needs. There’s nothing like it. 

Whenever the moment I fell, there is no doubt I am in love now and Young Living’s essential oils have changed my life for the better. I keep coming back for more and I want you to too.

If you've not experienced the refreshing combo of lemon and peppermint essential oil  to brighten your home and mood or seen the immune boosting benefits of Thieves essential oil in action, I'd like to change that. These oils are just what you are looking for. Explore my website (link at bottom of post) or, if you know you're ready to experience all that being a wholesale customer can offer you, click this link to start your love story. 

Once you do, you will have a choice of how you will begin your essential oil wellness journey and I'll be your sponsor. The friend to guide you in figuring out what to do what these little bottles of goodness.

Your options include the Premium starter kit of twelve oils and a diffuser and the Thieves bundle (think cleaning and household products like toothpaste and hand soap) and more. If you're really wanting to start cleaning up your skincare, there's the Savvy Minerals kit as well.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the superfood NIngxia Red as well. This kit is the bomb for maximizing normal cellular health and  giving you a daily boost of natural energy. Ningxia Red is a liquid supplement made from the wolfberry and other powerhouse juices and essential oils. It's a addition everyone needs to add to their daily routine. I love it!

You can create your own custom bundle too!

So you see, there's lots of ways to fall in love with the essential oil lifestyle.  Which way will you choose?
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