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I recently had an oily get-together and I enjoyed every minute of it! I tell ya, it feels so good to have people over again. It had been a year since I invited my Young Living friends to gather in my home to fellowship and talk all things oils. I've always enjoyed having people over, but it's icing on the cake when conversation revolves around a healthy living lifestyle.
I use to stress and drive my family crazy the hours before guests showed up. I’d get snappy and grumpy as the hour approached. 
Ask my husband. He remembers. 😬
But, things have changed, in a bittersweet way. The kids have grown and there are no more toys lying around. There’s no sight or sound of children running and playing and making messes where I once cleaned. 
I’ve also relaxed a bit. I use people coming over as a motivation to clean, but tell myself, it’s okay when it all doesn’t get done. Instead, I focus on the prospect of having a semi-clean home and the fun of preparing to welcome my guests.
Like I did Saturday.
I prepared some oily tips/tricks/ and recipe ideas to share and even made a surprise gift for my friends. I served fudgey, pumpkin treats and spicy wassel simmered on the stove. Between the smells of the wassel and the Christmas Spirit going in the diffuser, the house was warm and welcoming. As my guests began arriving, my heart was also warmed. I'm always honored when people say yes to my invites, but also yes to a toxin-free lifestyle. One that kicks harmful chemicals out of their homes and brings in life-giving, immune supporting products that make a positive difference in their health. Making a difference in this way is no small accomplishment. It's a gift that they can then turn around and give to others. 

So, what ideas did I share? 

Have you ever thought to add drops of your favorite essential oil to a few pine cones? If not, you should!

If you place them in a sealed bag for a few days, the essential oil will saturate the pine cones and the aroma will be wonderful! I've put my homemade diffuser in a small bathroom where the scent will be appreciated. 😉

How about this idea. Add a drop of peppermint essential oil to a tissue. Carry the tissue with you and breathe in the aromatherapy throughout your day for respiratory support. Like the pine cones, the tissue will hold on to to the essential oil. This also works for masks. I for one, wear a mask as little as possible, but for the times that it's necessary, I love spraying peppermint or Thieves essential oil blend on the inside. It helps me breathe easier and is refreshing and immune supporting.


A few other ideas included, spraying your gourds and pumpkins with Thieves Household Cleaner (THC) to preserve them. This works with the Thieves Fruit and Veggie Wash as well. Along these same lines, I spray my shower curtain liner down with THC almost everyday to slow down the slimy, moldy buildup that seems to be inevitable. I don't know about you, but I think cleaning shower liners is one of the most difficult jobs.

Oh, and here is the gift I made for my friends. I painted empty Ningxia Red bottles and filled them with bath salts. Add a few relaxing essential oils and you have yourself a spa in a bottle! They were a hit!

If you’re ever interested in being invited to a get together of mine where I share what I’ve learned about toxin free living, please let me know. I’ll gladly have you over (if you're local) or come to you in person, or through Facebook or Zoom. Let's connect. 

Until next time...Happy oiling!

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