The Compound Effect

Consistency plus time

Are you familiar with the compound effect?  It is the combination of consistency over time. 
If you do one small thing everyday the results will compound into one big result. 
For example, if you double a penny everyday for 30 days it compounds to be worth $5 million dollars. 
Pretty cool, right?  When you put it that way, it makes becoming a millionaire sound easy. 

But, I’m not after the money. At least, that’s not my goal. If the Lord sees fit to bless my efforts and provide me with more of an income than I already have, then so be it. I will do my best to be a good steward. 
However, I brought up the idea of compounding because it can be applied so beautifully to my health. Your health. 

Disease Doesnt happen overnight

Being unhealthy doesn’t just happen overnight. I didn’t go to bed one night perfectly fine and wake up with disease the next day. Disease and illness began LONG before I saw signs of it. Its a result of choices I made daily that compounded over time. Genetics may have played a part, but they're not the only player in the game. 

On the flip side, healing from any kind of chronic illness also takes efforts of compounding. Daily choices continue to play into how I feel and if I recover. 

I used to believe that because of my high thyroid antibodies, I was "doomed" to be sick forever. When I was first diagnosed, I didn’t know any better. The information I read made it seem like it was not reversible. At best it was manageable, and at worst, I was likely to develop other autoimmune issues. 

But guess what? It’s not true!

I’ve worked hard making little changes consistently for the past seven years and now my antibodies are low. I’ve reversed the trajectory of my health. It’s been a slow journey, but I’ve finally seen the effects of my compounding.  I'm finally off my thyroid meds!

Kickin' the Toxins

I don’t know it all, but I know some things.  I know kicking the toxins out of my home has made a BIG difference. Simply changing my household products and the food I eat have had a compound effect on my health. The thing is, it was only after I made these changes, did I realize their negative impact.

Dis-ease happens so slowly in our bodies that we rarely notice the small things that start to change until they are big things. Or, there may be so many things we are consuming and breathing in that we really can't distinguish what is what. For example; You may have grown up with scented candles burning in your home all the time. You may have also developed regular headaches at some point, but never made the connection bewtween the two. 

My success can be your sucess too. You can change the trajectory of your health. Its never too late. 

In fact, I have a stash of roller bottles waiting to be filled with essential oils. Want one?  I'd love to gift it to you when you become a Young Living customer. What do you say? Ready to try the compounding effects of a non-toxic lifestyle? 

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