There are times when my gut, my intuition tells me something isn’t right. I have been quietly listening and learning over the past year and there are many things that do not sit well with me. 

Before I continue, let me be clear: This is an opinion post, rather than a research paper. Yes, my thoughts are grounded on more than just opinion, but my intention is not to list all of my sources and back everything I say with a follow-up link. It’s not how I roll. That doesn’t mean what I say isn’t accurate. It just means the purpose of this post is NOT to send you on a trail to either prove me right or wrong. It’s simply to share my journey and train of thought in the hopes it will spark some questions in you or just help you understand a perspective that may be different than your own. A perspective that is grounded in love and care for my fellow neighbor, just as I trust yours is.

Let’s go back to March 2020. I, like most people around the world, went along with the stay-at-home orders. My family and I made the best of it and even made some fun new memories. 

But, eventually, the longer it went on, the more it didn’t make sense to me. The virus was proving NOT to be as dangerous as we were led to believe. Data was being inflated and hand-picked. Deaths were not recorded accurately. The media perpetuated fear. Still does. 

Pandemic or not, I believe there is a better way to good health. God has given us each an innate immune system to fight off pathogens that we inevitably encounter on a regular basis.  In fact, coming in contact with these various viruses and bacteria actually make our immune system stronger and prepare us to fight off future pathogens with greater success. 

Taking care of my body also makes it stronger. When I make my health a priority, my immune system works for me.

I've learned over the years, good health is more than choosing a salad. It involves understanding that food is medicine and either eliminates or increases inflammation. Eating non-inflammatory foods, moving my body, guarding my sleep, being in the sunshine and fresh air as much as possible and eliminating emotional and physical toxins are all key to building a strong immune response in times of pandemics- and for everyday living!

If this was the message that was being shouted from the mountains around the world from day one, I truly believe the story of this past year would have been written differently. Yes, many still may have died, but how many more would have lived? We are no more healthy today or less at risk of getting sick then we were one year ago, as far as I  can tell. The absence of a known disease does not define one as well. There are many underlying health conditions that are not recognized until they escalate. Metabolic diseases are on the rise. Autoimmunity, heart disease, cancer and mental illness are everywhere. We are a sick nation. Please don't doubt the roll this has played and how this is the real problem that needs attention.

But, instead of addressing this fact, we are encouraged, or rather told, to isolate ourselves from life, to wear masks, to be guinea pigs to an experiment (unlike any that has come before it) and to stop the very activities that bring us life. The things that make us mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.  

We are only just beginning to see the long-term damages of how this pandemic was handled. 

First of all, it’s my opinion that healthy people should never be isolated. A quarantine is for the sick. By all means, if you have ANY contagious virus, stay home! If you are immune compromised, then, yes stay home. But please don’t ask the masses to do the same. It’s not in the best interest of the human race. Even the elderly. There are other options. They are dying a slow death being isolated from their loved ones. Instead, how about loading their bodies with vitamin D (the supplement and the sunshine version) and giving them other supplements and whole foods to make their immune systems stronger? 

Secondly, we were created to breathe freely. To breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. We can't do this properly with a mask. In fact, We are not only reducing our oxygen flow, we are breathing back in carbon dioxide and the tiny germs floating through the air and landing on our masks.  Masks were designed to be used for a limited time, in sterile environments. Did you know, all doctors go through a health screening by OSHA before being approved to wear a mask? They are not a one size fits all protocol. 

Then, there’s the vaccine. The thing that has been talked about from the very beginning. The savior of the world as we know it, but not really. If I got it, which I won't, I’d still have to mask up and keep my distance. It makes me so upset. Here are my issues with this solution.

It’s been presented as safe and effective, but how in the world can that be? There have been NO long term studies done. None. It's a relatively new science. It’s not settled. It's not even FDA approved. Vaccine makers are asking me to inject my body with foreign messenger RNA. mRNA communicates with my cells. Without having the proper short or long term studies, they CANNOT claim it is safe for me. That's not good science. I already have one autoimmune disease. Will I get another? It's not a chance I'm willing to take. 

Also, did you know, big pharma doesn’t claim their vaccines create immunity? None of them have been shown to stop transmission or infection, only to reduce symptoms. I can think of other natural ways to reduce my symptoms, thank you very much. 

Next, this mRNA vaccine has a tendency to trigger antibody dependent enhancement, which enhances the virus’ ability to enter and affect your cells and make you more ill. For example, if you get the vaccine and later come in contact with the live virus, your symptoms are likely to be more severe than if you didn't get vaccinated. Who wants that? 

Then there's this: people are dying because of vaccines.  That hurts my heart. These are deaths we CAN prevent. Trusting people are dying of supposedly unknown causes after receiving this treatment.  

I can go on. The pharmaceutical giants have complete immunity from any lawsuits surrounding all vaccines, not just the current experiment gene therapy ones. They have NOTHING to lose if, and when, their vaccines cause harm. All personal responsibility has been excused. Does this seem right? 

One more thing. There's big money involved in the vaccine world. Big, I tell ya. Affordable and more accessible solutions are being ignored in the name of money and power. 

So, with a heavy heart, this is where I stand. 

Please don’t judge me for not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine. I’m a bit weary and hurt by the message of shame that is being circulated because I don’t follow the few, elite, powerful voices telling me what to do. I need to follow my intuition. My gut feeling something is wrong about what we are doing. And just for the record, I'm not the only one. There are many respected doctors, scientists and sound minded people who feel the same. Unfortunately, their voices are being shut down and any healthy debate and questioning is being labeled as misinformation. 

I love my neighbor just as you do. I just happen to think there's a better way. I don’t claim to know it all, but I do believe my thoughts are important. My voice matters and I’m using it now. 

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